TROY - Jack Seeley, a foreman with the state Department of Transportation, said the driver of a dump truck that crashed on Fallbrook Road outside Troy Monday was "real lucky."

The truck came to rest on a wooded hillside along a steep portion of the road coming down Armenia Mountain. Seeley said he was told that the driver was able to escape.

Reports from the scene were that the driver was able to climb out of the vehicle moments after the truck left the road and overturned shortly after 9 am. A report wasn't available from state police at Towanda Monday night.

As people worked to tow the vehicle from the scene, the road was closed for several hours with PennDOT spokesperson Rick Mason saying that it wasn't expected to be opened until about 5 p.m.

Jody Place, Penelec area manager, said that the crash resulted in two customers losing power.

Due to the recovery effort, she said Penelec workers couldn't get to the scene to replace a broken pole until after 4 p.m. After that, one of the customers was restored, though she didn't have an exact time that power came on for the customer. The other customer didn't get power back until 8 p.m., she said.

The accident occurred about halfway between Farmers Valley Road and the top of Armenia mountain.

Seeley said the truck was traveling downhill, and was hauling material away from a gas well on Sweeney Road. The truck had "Bishop Bros." on its door. It also had wording that said "residual waste."

When asked why the removal of the truck was taking as long as it was, Seeley said that workers had to be careful to not rupture its tanks.

The engine and transmission were removed separately with heavy equipment, which hoisted it in the air. Seeley said it was severed when the crash occurred. The front end of the truck appeared to be obliterated. With the front end of the truck gone and having to maneuver the vehicle between the trees, the towing operation was involved, he noted. It was the worst he's seen, he said.

"It's not an easy job," he said.

Seeley said the truck was loaded with waste from a gas well and it had spilled on the ground as a result of the crash. He said the gas company would probably clean it up, though he wasn't sure.

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