TROY - To quote the famous Dunkin' Donuts slogan, it looks like Troy will be "Runnin' on Dunkin'" after all.

This week, Troy Borough Council gave the green light to the proposed Troy Dunkin' Donuts restaurant, which is planned to be built on the old Calkins parking lot along Elmira Street, by Sugar Creek, in Troy. The development somewhat lines up with Porter Road, according to Thomas M. Dobrydney, a planner with Fagan Engineers & Land Surveyors, PC of Elmira, N.Y.

According to council president Krystle Bristol, the borough planning commission recommended the approval of the project and Dunkin' Donuts was passed by a unanimous vote.

She explained council's action this week.

"The project was approved for construction," she said. "The borough's planning commission reviews the engineer's drawings and other logistics in accordance with our zoning ordinances."

She said the planning commission recommended that council allow Dunkin' Donuts to proceed with construction.

"So, at this point, the pace of progress is up to the owner and developer," she said.

The Daily Review contacted Dunkin' Donuts Wednesday in an effort to find out when construction would begin on the Troy Dunkin' Donuts.

Later, the newspaper received an email from a representative of one of the company's marketing agencies, who was looking into the inquiry. However, no information was yet available Wednesday evening.

The developer, Manish Patel of Penn Yan, N.Y., was not available for comment on Wednesday.

According to Bristol, a resident, Rob Storch, attended the borough council meeting and spoke about his concerns with traffic at the proposed Dunkin Donuts site.

"He also thought the project was 'pushed through too quickly,'" she noted. "(Borough manager) Dan Close noted that the process was started last March, almost a year ago."

She said that Dobrydney, the planner working for the Dunkin' Donuts developer, was also present.

Bristol said he presented council with the permit from PennDOT approving the driveway entrance/exit to the property.

"Several council members, including myself, expressed concern about the placement of the coffee shop, but admitted that we are not the professionals when it comes to access off a state highway, it is PennDOT's job to make those calls, and they approved it," she said.

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