DUSHORE - Two large dogs wearing sunglasses is a sight hard to ignore.

On Saturday, Kevin Brown and Harley Greene from Levittown had the dogs at Dushore Founder's Day, and they were sitting back enjoying the sights as they placed the sunglasses on their canine friends.

Before them, vendors were packed in the downtown as people walked among the canopies shopping for food and crafts.

This year, it was the 151st anniversary of the founding.

One visitor, Brian Bahr of Dushore, said he enjoyed the basketball tournament and the Outhouse Races. He also liked how the event brings back people to the community whom he hasn't seen in a while.

Founder's Day committee member Chris Weaver said the Outhouse Races held in the evening are the biggest draw.

"…I think folks just get a real kick out of the idea of an outhouse on wheels."

She said there were more entries this year than any other year. She said it's very competitive.

"Some people really build it to win and some people build it just to have a good laugh or to advertise their business."

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