The first day of school at St. Agnes School in Towanda was going smoothly, Principal Kathleen DeWan said at the end of Tuesday morning.

Enrollment at the school this year is higher than it was last year, DeWan said.

"I believe there are 123 students" this year, she said.

There had been some improvements made at the school over the summer, including refinishing the gym floor, installing a bed of wood chips in the pre-kindergarten playground, and purchasing a new $6,500 generator, in case the power goes out, she said.

The wood chips were donated by CraftMaster Manufacturing. The school certainly got its money's worth from the district's previous generator, which it purchased in 1962, and which has stopped working, DeWan said.

There are two new members of the school's instructional staff, including second-grade teacher Amy Becker-Niemiec, who is a graduate of St. Agnes and who replaces a teacher who retired. Sabrina McEwen, who is a new aide for the three-year-old pre-kindergarten program, replaces Gayle Schmeckenbecher, who retired. McEwen has three children at St. Agnes.

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