The halls and classrooms of Epiphany School in Sayre buzzed with activity on Tuesday, the school's first day back in session.

First-graders, led by teacher Sr. Anne Quigley, toured the building. Students in classrooms read, drew pictures and worked on math problems. In the school's music room, seventh- and eighth-grade students sang songs and played the piano.

In the fifth-grade classroom, students prepared color-coded folders and notebooks for each of their classes. Fifth grade is the first year Epiphany students have different teachers for each subject, said Sr. Kathleen Kelly, the school's principal.

When Kelly asked fifth-graders how they felt to be on the side of the school dedicated to the students in higher grade levels, several said they felt older, smarter, and excited to learn new things.

That excitement permeated the entire school Tuesday, Kelly said. "Everyone was happy to come back," she said. "We're off to a good start."

At 142 students in pre-K through eighth grade, enrollment has held steady this year, but the school's kindergarten and fifth-grade classes have grown, Kelly said.

The students were excited to meet the school's three new teachers, Kelly said. Shari Williams joined the school as its pre-K teacher, Krista Schrader teaches kindergarten and Erin Robertson teaches science and seventh-grade homeroom.

The school will also implement new programs in English and religion this year, Kelly said. The interactive programs can be used on the smart boards installed in each classroom.

"There's so much you can do with the smart boards," Kelly said. Along with computers, they have "made a big dent in education," she said.

Epiphany has a diverse student body this year, with students from China, Ethiopia, the Philippines and India attending, Kelly said. The children learn a lot from each other's experiences, she said.

Pre-K students don't begin school until Sept. 4, Kelly said, but their families are welcome to drop in at the Stevenson Street school during the week to tour the building and meet staff, she said.

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