TROY - Actress Sally Field is famous for her "you like me" Oscar acceptance speech back in 1985.

In the age of Facebook, the Troy Fair can say the same thing.

Currently, the fair's Facebook page has 536 "Likes."

Yes, people like the Troy Fair, they really like it!

On Wednesday, I took a ride down to the fairgrounds at Alparon Park in Troy and talked with Cathy Jenkins, the fair president, about the fair's Facebook page. She told me it's working out well for them.

"It's a good way to let people know what's coming up at the fair," she said.

Here is where you can find the fair's Facebook page.

The fair uses Facebook to put out information about various topics, such as tickets. One posting reads, "Don't forget to get your tickets and gate passes soon, they increase after July 22!"

The fair also answers questions from the public on its Facebook page. For example, one Facebook user asked the fair if Daughtry, the musical act at the fair this year, will have a photo opportunity or meet and greet.

"At this time we do not know if Daughtry will be doing a meet and greet, if they do, it would probably be after the show," the fair answered back.

People also put their own comments on the fair's Facebook page.

"Always a good time!" one person wrote.

Cathy told me that the fair even hopes to post photos from the fair on its Facebook page during fair week.

"It's a new avenue to get our information out to a younger generation," she said. "People can ask questions and get answers fairly quickly."

Her pun wasn't intended.

Cathy said she and the junior fair board help keep the Facebook page updated.

Even the Troy Fair Queen program got into the act with its own Facebook page. The 2011 Troy Fair Queen, Lu-Anne Antisdel, said the fair queen program goes to events, and puts photos from the outings on its Facebook page. They also let people know where they will be appearing.

"It helps us a lot, and gets us out there, and lets the public know there's other things we do throughout the year, not just at the fair," she said.

Lu-Anne said girls interested in running for fair queen were able to use the Facebook page to contact the fair queen program and meet the fair queen royalty.

She said it was a success because of the large number of fair queen candidates they were able to garner this year.

So, try out the fair's Facebook page.

I have a feeling that you'll like it. You'll really like it.

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