TROY - An nostalgic one-day exhibit at the Troy Fair Monday showed how little some things have changed over the years - at least when it comes to the Troy Area School District and Alparon Park.

"Troy Fair Through the Ages," featuring memorabilia from past Troy Fairs, was featured in the big tent in the Lower Meadow.

There were fair programs from as far back as 1961 and ribbons from the 50s, but one item - more related to Alparon Park than the fair, really - had a familiar ring to it.

This summer, the Troy Area School District and Alparon Park were at odds over the rent charged to the school district for home football games, and, in the exhibit, an Oct. 18, 1973 article from a local newspaper had a headline that seemed eerily familiar.

It read, "School's rental fee for park use under fire."

The article, which appeared in the Troy Gazette Register, stated, "Troy Borough Municipal Authority is insistent upon its request for an increase in the rental charge now paid by the Troy Area School District for the use of the facilities of Alparon Community Park."

It continued, "The current annual payment made by the district is $2,500. The authority wishes to have that amount increased to $3,500 with an additional payment by the district of all electricity used by the school during its use of the park and its facilities."

The article then quotes Merle Haight, who is identified as a member of the authority, as saying that "the payment of $2,500 annually by the school district is a steal."

On Monday evening, Sandy and Rod Avery were looking at all the items in the exhibit.

Sandy thought it was "very informative."

Lindsey Horning, who is on the Troy Junior Fair Board, which put together the exhibit, said people were interested in seeing all the old items.

She said a lot said, "wow, I remember that."

"They're just very interested to know what was going on at that time," she said.

She noted that children were also interested in the exhibit.

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