TROY - Sara Jennings describes the Bradford County Dairy Promotion Board's milkshakes as "a long-standing tradition of the Troy Fair."

You can find them in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors at the end of the cattle barn, near the Troy Fair Office.

She said they're "an old-fashioned thick milkshake" that is "very popular."

The taste, she said, is "rich, cold, and creamy."

On Wednesday, I stopped by the milkshake booth and tried the strawberry milkshake, it was a wholesome treat.

According to Heidi Kelsch, who was working at the milkshake booth, the milkshakes are made with only ice cream and milk, from Turk's Dairy Products.

"They're straight dairy products with nothing else added to them," she said.

So, stop by and try an old-fashioned Troy Fair tradition.

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