TOWN OF BARTON, N.Y. - A fire destroyed a mobile home Saturday evening at Jacobson Rental Properties on Route 34 in the Town of Barton.

The landlord said a couple lived in the mobile home.

He said a man had broken down a door to enter the mobile home in order to save the woman who lived there but had to turn back because he couldn't breathe.

The landlord said someone died in the fire.

Neighbors said the man who lived in the mobile home, whom they identified as John, survived the fire.

A neighbor, who identified himself as Yancey Apgar, said that the man who lived in the mobile home was named John Gerard.

The landlord said he did not know from memory the last names of the couple. He said he did not think they were married.

Law enforcement officials from the Tioga County Sheriff's Office and fire officials from the Waverly-Barton Fire Department declined to comment on the fire.

They said that information would be provided about the fire through a press release at a later time.