Four-bridge painting project in Sullivan County starts next week

A $194,600 bridge preservation (painting) project on various routes in Sullivan County is set to start early next week.

There are four bridges to be painted: One is a 66'-long bridge built in 1956 on Route 2003 (Nordmont Road) over Muncy Creek at Nordmont in Laporte Township. One is a 57'-long bridge built in 1932 on Route 154 over Elk Creek at Lincoln Falls in Elkland Township. One is a 50'-long bridge built in 1950 on Route 4008 over the West Branch of Elk Run near Camp Brule in Elkland Township; this bridge is currently classified as structurally deficient. The fourth is a 31'-long bridge on Route 4008 built in 1967 over Kings Creek at Estella in Elkland Township.

The prime contractor, Amstar of Western New York, Inc., will begin rigging the four bridges next week in preparation for the painting work. The painting work itself is scheduled to start in April.

Impacts to traffic will be minimal since most of the work will take place beneath the bridges.

Work will start at the bridge on Route 4008 over the West Branch of Elk Run, then move to Route 154, then Route 4008 over Kings Creek, and finally Nordmont Road.

All work under this contract should be completed by the end of June.