WYSOX TOWNSHIP - Gary Foster has resigned from his position as road master for Wysox Township, and has agreed to reimburse the township $1,357.90, the chairman of the Wysox Township supervisors announced at a special meeting on Tuesday.

Foster is reimbursing the township the township for "inaccuracies" in bills that he had submitted to the township, Jon Kulick, the chairman of the supervisors, said at the meeting.

Kulick and Supervisor Ken Whipp declined to discuss what the bills were for, because it was a personnel matter.

At the meeting, Kulick read Foster's resignation letter out loud, which was dated Oct. 28 and which was addressed to Kulick and Whipp.

In the letter, Foster states that he is "retiring" from his position as roadmaster, and that he enjoys serving as a supervisor for the township.

Kulick said that Foster will continue to serve as a township supervisor through the end of his term, which ends on Dec. 31, 2015.

When asked by township Zoning Board Chairman Bill Them whether he would have fired Foster for the "inaccuracies," Whipp replied: "Yes. We would have to, if he had not resigned or retired."

Supervisors Whipp and Kulick had the authority to fire Foster as road master. However, they have no authority to fire Foster as a township supervisor.

According to Kulick, the inaccuracies in the bills occurred after July 25, 2013.

The inaccuracies in the bills had to do with a matter that was different from the subject of a forensic audit of Foster, which had been done at the request of the township supervisors last year.

That audit, which was done by the firm Holman & Frenia, had found that Foster had overcharged the township on three occasions in 2012.

Foster has denied that most of the findings in the audit were true.

In an interview on Monday, Foster had denied that his resignation had to do with the audit.

"I'm 67 years old," Foster said at the time, explaining why he was "retiring."

Foster did not attend the special meeting on Tuesday.

When the audit was completed last winter, the supervisors referred the audit to the Bradford County District Attorney's Office, and the audit was also referred to the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission.

Kulick said the township has not heard back from the District Attorney's Office on the outcome of its investigation, adding that the district attorney has not returned his phone calls on the matter.

Kulick also said he had no comment at this time on what the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission had found related to the audit.

Whipp said that he did not want to fire Foster after the findings of the audit became public because there was still no proof of wrongdoing by Foster.

Whipp also objected when a member of the public suggested that Foster had "stolen" the $1,357.90 from the township.

Kulick said that Foster has agreed to pay all of the $1,357.90 to the township. Foster will reimburse the township the money today, Kulick said.

At Tuesday's meeting, Supervisors Whipp and Kulick voted to accept Foster's resignation and to approve the agreement with Foster to reimburse the township for $1,357.90.

The Review was unsuccessful in reaching Foster for comment after Tuesday night's meeting.

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