Today is Friday, July 18, the 199th day of 2014. There are 166 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:

On July 18, A.D. 64, the Great Fire of Rome began, consuming most of the city for about a week. (Some blamed the fire on Emperor Nero, who in turn blamed Christians.)

Glancing Backward Locally:

25 years ago - 1989

Towanda Borough, members of the Towanda Business Association and interested citizens combined efforts recently to begin a clean up of the riverbank area for the upcoming Summerfest celebration.

A large number of runners prepared for the competition in the 11th Annual Sullivan Review Centennial Run held recently in Dushore.

Towanda American Legion Post No. 42 members and auxiliary members were among those attending the state convention held recently in Pittsburgh.

50 years ago - 1964

A bridge player arrived at a bridge tournament with her pet poodle. Someone commented that the tournament is "Going to the Dogs."

The annual Roman Holiday Parade will honor senior citizens.

The General Sullivan Council Boy Scout Jamboree Troop, left recently for the Sixth National Jamboree.

75 years ago - 1939

Reports that some hunters are using dogs in chasing woodchucks brought a warning from the State Game Commission recently.

The annual convention of the Bradford County Firemen's Association will be held in Canton by the Innes Hose Co.

William Baker, Jesse Overpeck, John Koser and John Koser Sr. left recently for a trip to Bancroft, Canada, where they will spend a week fishing.

Elsewhere on this date:

In 1536, the English Parliament passed an act declaring the authority of the pope void in England.

In 1872, Britain enacted voting by secret ballot.

In 1932, the United States and Canada signed a treaty to develop the St. Lawrence Seaway.

In 1944, Hideki Tojo was removed as Japanese premier and war minister because of setbacks suffered by his country in World War II. American forces in France captured the Normandy town of St. Lo.

In 1947, President Harry S. Truman signed a Presidential Succession Act which placed the speaker of the House and the Senate president pro tempore next in the line of succession after the vice president.

In 1964, nearly a week of rioting erupted in New York's Harlem neighborhood following the fatal police shooting of a black teenager, James Powell, two days earlier.

In 1969, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., left a party on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha's Vineyard with Mary Jo Kopechne (koh-PEHK'-nee), 28; some time later, Kennedy's car went off a bridge into the water. (Kennedy was able to escape, but Kopechne drowned.)

In 1976, at the Montreal Olympics, Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci received the first-ever perfect score of 10 with her routine on uneven parallel bars. (Comaneci would go on to receive six more 10s at Montreal.)

In 1984, gunman James Huberty opened fire at a McDonald's fast food restaurant in San Ysidro (ee-SEE'-droh), California, killing 21 people before being shot dead by police. Walter F. Mondale won the Democratic presidential nomination in San Francisco.

In 1994, a bomb hidden in a van destroyed a Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing 85.

Ten years ago: A spokesman said California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would not apologize for mocking certain lawmakers as "girlie men," despite criticisms from Democrats that the remark was sexist and homophobic.

Five years ago: The Taliban posted a video of an American soldier who'd gone missing June 30, 2009 from his base in eastern Afghanistan and was later confirmed to have been captured; in the recording, the soldier (later identified as Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl) said he was "scared I won't be able to go home."

One year ago: Once the very symbol of American industrial might, Detroit became the biggest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy, its finances ravaged and its neighborhoods hollowed out by a long, slow decline in population and auto manufacturing.

Today's Birthdays: Actor James Brolin is 74. Baseball executive Joe Torre is 74. Actor Vin Diesel is 47. Dance music singer-songwriter M.I.A. is 39. Rock musician Daron Malakian (System of a Down; Scars on Broadway) is 39. Actress Kristen Bell is 34. Rock singer Ryan Cabrera is 32. Actor Chace Crawford is 29.

Thought for Today: "Miracles are propitious accidents, the natural causes of which are too complicated to be readily understood." - George Santayana, American philosopher (1863-1952).