Taxes are staying the same in Granville Township.

Under the township's 2013 budget, taxes will remain at 3 mils, for real estate and fire, according to township secretary/treasurer Lori Saxton.

The tax rate remains the same since 2004.

She said the budget was passed in December and total revenues are $752,458 and total expenditures are $402,266.

Supervisors have made no decision yet on how to use the natural gas impact fee money of $391,371.84 that the township was provided.

This is included in the revenues.

Several possibilities have been considered: a community building for township residents, gravel to repair the roads and fix them up, a crusher, or a new truck, Saxton said.

"We're trying to use it for the residents," she said. "We're trying to benefit them."

Columbia Township used its impact fee money, in part, to lower real estate taxes by 1 mil, from 4 ¾ mils to 3 ¾ mils.

Columbia Township was allotted $500,000.

Troy Borough used part of its natural gas impact fee money to buy a police car.

Borough council agreed to use part of the money to purchase the vehicle, a 2009 Crown Victoria.

It replaces the old police car, an Impala.

The cost for the Crown Victoria was $16,295, plus delivery costs. It includes police equipment. The radios have to be transferred over from the old car.

Troy Borough was allocated $79,922.34 in impact fee money.

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