As she shoveled a path behind the Sayre Theatre Sunday afternoon, theater manager Margie Ross thought about a question fresh on the minds of many as Jan. 1 quickly approaches - "What do you hope the New Year will bring?"

"The world has so many needs," she said before settling on one answer, world peace. "I just want to live through 2013!" she added.

Peace and prosperity were popular items on the 2013 wish lists of area residents Sunday. Many also hoped for economic improvement and that the government would find a way to avoid the "fiscal cliff."

Sayre Theatre employee Sharon Tubbs was one of many hoping for an economic turnaround. Tubbs said she works two jobs to help support her children and will soon have two children attending college. "I would like the economy to straighten out," she said.

Others hoped to find or maintain employment. Greg Ault of Athens said he hoped to find a job in 2013.

Kandi Dixson of Waverly had a similar response. Dixson said she became unemployed in 2012 after 24 years with the same company. "I would like to find a new job," she said.

Logan Keeney, a bartender at The Pub in Waverly, said he was looking forward to meeting new people at the bar in 2013. Staff at the Broad Street bar, which opened in October, agreed that 2013 should be "all about friends."

Dave and Terry Browning of Rome took some time to think about their biggest hopes for the New Year, carefully weighing their options. "I don't want to give a Miss America answer," Dave Browning said.

Finally, he came up with one. "Happiness," he said. "Just happiness."

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