TIOGA COUNTY, N.Y. - On Friday, a scheduled hearing to discuss a new trial for Calvin Harris was postponed by the Tioga County Court, and a new date will not be set until after the first of the year.

Harris, of Spencer, N.Y., was twice found guilty of murder in the disappearance of his wife, Michele Harris, had the conviction overturned twice, and is now released on bail awaiting a third trial.

In October, Harris was released from prison when a high appeals court overturned the conviction based on trial errors. Although Harris appeared in court in October, where he was granted continued bond by presiding Judge James T. Hayden, a new trial could not be immediately scheduled at that time because of the unknowns of the Tioga County justice race, in which the prosecutor, Gerald Keene, vied for the seat and won during the November election.

To date, it is not known who will be assigned to prosecute the next trial for Calvin Harris, or if the trial will even be held in Tioga County. A request for a change in venue has been talked about by Calvin Harris' attorney, William Easton, and will most likely be a focus of any future conferences or hearings.

Michele Harris, of Spencer, N.Y., disappeared on Sept. 11, 2001, and neither her body or a weapon has even been found. Calvin Harris was a primary suspect in the investigation, and was found guilty twice by a jury of his peers. Both convictions were overturned, with the second being overturned during the third year served by Calvin Harris on a 25-year-to-life sentence.