A federal indictment was handed recently down in the case of animal cruelty that occurred in the earlier part of this year in Nichols, N.Y. In this case, 38-year old Charles Sheldon, of 748 Hunts Creek Rd., Nichols, N.Y., was arrested and charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals after Stray Haven Humane Society's humane officer Cindy Webster discovered a deceased dog in an emaciated state and frozen to the ground on Charles Sheldon's property on Valentine's Day.

Charles Sheldon initially appeared in the Town of Nichols court on March 12, 2013, where the case was bound over to the county as the main charge, for the deceased dog, is a felony. There are also misdemeanor counts that include overdriving, torture and failure to provide sustenance; inappropriate shelter for animals; and harboring unlicensed dogs. Three other dogs that were located on the property were seized by Webster.

But it is the felony charge that led to the federal indictment. Tioga County acting district attorney Irene Graven stated that an arraignment on the federal charge will take place within the coming weeks, and Charles Sheldon, at that time, will either be held, or released on his own recognizance. Graven could not speak further on the case.

The felony charge, if he were found guilty, carries with it a sentence of imprisonment not to exceed two years.