A Troy man is thanking the staff at the Bradford County Correctional Facility for saving his life, county officials said.

After 36-year-old Travis Levi Ott was arrested Sunday on a terroristic threats charge, he was brought to the jail, where Sgt. John Daly examined him on his arrival and saw that he had a swollen knee, Warden Donald Stewart said.

Daly then had a nurse at the jail examine Ott, after which the warden and the jail's physician, Dr. Joseph Cama, authorized having Ott transported to Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre.

While being treated at the hospital, Ott phoned the jail and left a message for Stewart, asking him to thank the staff at the jail for saving his life, according to a copy of the voice-mail message, which was played at the Bradford County Prison Board meeting on Thursday.

Ott said in the voice-mail message that he had a major infection in his leg and was told at the hospital that he would have died within 24 to 48 hours if it had not been immediately treated.

"Please thank (Sgt.) John Daly and the other people who work at the jail for saving my life by taking the time to recognize that something was going on with my leg," Ott says in the voice-mail.

"We could have had a major catastrophe if he had not gone to the hospital," Stewart said.

According to the doctors at Robert Packer Hospital, Ott was "in very bad shape" and would have likely died if he had not been treated, Bradford County Commissioner Daryl Miller said.

Daly had become aware of Ott's bad knee during a routine physical exam that intake officers conduct of new inmates when they arrive at the jail, which looks for signs of illness or injury, the warden said.

All inmates, whether or not they show signs of illness or injury, are also seen by a nurse as part of the intake process, Stewart said.

Ott is currently not in custody, Bradford County Sheriff Clinton "C.J." Walters said late Thursday afternoon.

On Monday, Ott's bail, which had originally been set at $55,000 straight bail, was reduced by a magisterial district judge to $55,000 unsecured bail, court records show.

Ott is scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing on Feb. 20 before Troy Magisterial District Judge Jonathan Wilcox.

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