A proposed plan to beautify the dock area at Island Pond has been modified and split into two parts to reduce its cost, Sayre borough councilman Bob Flick said at a recent council meeting.

Flick told council members last week that he has deviated from the original plan - to install paver stones on the island containing the names of people and groups inscribed on the dock's planks - after he found the project too expensive. He received an estimate of $30 per stone, and with over 200 names to include, "I didn't want to waste people's money like that," he said.

Instead, he said the names will be included on a bronze plaque, proposed to be installed during the second phase of the project. The deteriorating dock will be removed as part of that phase, Flick said.

The first phase of the project, which Flick hopes will start in 2013, will be to install a concrete walkway and a handicap access ramp from Brock Street to the island. A brick wall will also be placed around the outside of the island. The first phase of the project was estimated to cost around $19,000, Flick told council members.

The second phase, in addition to the removal of the dock, would also include the installation of stamped concrete where Flick had originally planned to place the paver stones.

A mock-up of the original plan, drawn by Sayre High School art teacher Dana Twigg and presented in August, also indicates that a flagpole and benches would also be placed on the island.

Flick has said the improvements would simplify maintenance of the area and make it more accessible for residents.

Flick told council members that he was interested in proposing that some of the approximately $334,000 the borough is expected to receive in impact fee funds be used for the beautification project.

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