Name: James Warn

Age: 70

Office Sought:: Troy Borough Councilman

Address: 1167 Redington Ave, Troy

Political party: Democratic

Occupation: Retired- Supervisory Investigator, FDA

Education: Colorado College; University of Colorado - BA - major zoology, minor chemistry ; Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; numerous technical and management seminars at a variety of universities.

1. Why are you seeking the office ?

Over the last four years there has been good progress concerning all areas of Borough management and maintenance. As a four year incumbent, I would like to continue to contribute and believe my experience would be of value.

2. What are your credentials for being an effective representative ?

Since moving to Troy, I have been involved in various community projects. Having lived and worked in several states I have gained a broad perspective on community issues. My many years of supervising a large professional workforce have given me the skills to listen to and work well with people.

3. If you are an incumbent, what have you done to deserve re-election?

I have been Finance Committee Chairman for four years. During this time the Borough has completed numerous projects well within budget. The latest annual audit confirmed well managed finances and a good financial position. I have always voted independently for what I believed to be in the communities best interest.

4. N/A

5. What are the top three issues as you see them and what would you do about them?

A. To manage Borough needs within our means and prioritize these needs keeping in mind that we can not do everything at once. We should solicit more community input to set these priorities such as was recently demonstrated in the great interest residents of the Troy area exhibited over the future of the sale barn.

B. To preserve the charming Victorian character of this town. We have a beautiful community which needs to be maintained. It is obvious that Borough residents have a "pride of place" attitude which should continue to be supported. I would like to work towards eliminating blight and hold absentee landlords accountable for property maintenance. We have taken a step towards this goal by recently requiring the property owner (landlord) to be responsible for paying the water/sewer bills for his property. This eliminates the need for the Borough to run down delinquent tenants.

C. To continue to provide open and transparent government and to welcome positive and constructive suggestions concerning improvements. Over the past year or so we have made significant positive changes in the way we have been conducting our open monthly Council meetings and in soliciting public comment. Attendance and interest by the public has increased regardless of whether day or evening meetings were held. I would like to emphasize that residents should also feel free to contact the Borough Hall or any Council person directly with any current or pressing concerns when they occur, rather than waiting to address the Council during the monthly meetings. This could result in a more timely response.

6. In the coming years, how would you like to see your municipality use its revenue from the impact fee on gas drilling?

The impact fee should be held in reserve to maintain any and all Borough services and assets impacted by this industry. This would include Police Department support through equipment and personnel costs and road and bridge repairs.

7. What is your philosophy about taxation?

Taxation is necessary to support the community's wants and needs. As residents we are beneficiaries of these services. Therefore it is our duty and responsibility to contribute to these costs. Taxes however, should be tailored towards these wants and needs and then utilized in the most cost effective way.

8. How have you been campaigning?

By word of month.