Name: Kenneth M. Whipp

Age: 72 years young

Address: 21 Country View Drive, Towanda, PA 18848

Office sought: Town of Wysox Supervisor

Political party: Republican

Occupation: Sales

Education: High School graduate; many courses and certificates in management and sales

1. Why are you seeking the office?

If elected, it is my intention to maintain the order and fiscal control that is necessary for the welfare of the entire community, not just a select few. This has been my goal since I was appointed to the position in October of 2012 and I believe that I have acted accordingly.

2. What are your credentials for being an effective representative?

I have been a home owner in Wysox Township for 18 years. In my job as a salesman and as a longtime resident, I have met most of the residents of the Township and I have gained an understanding of the needs and the unique character of the people and the Township.

3. If you are the incumbent, what have you done to deserve re-election?

In the seven months that I have had the pleasure of being a supervisor for the township, I have followed my conservative principles for the benefit of the people of the Township. I have voted to make the necessary purchases and personnel changes that have made the township more responsive to the needs of the people.

4. If you are a challenger, what have you done to prepare for holding the office?

Not applicable

5. What are the top three issues as you see them and what would you do about them?

The most important issue to me is the wise use of the money that has come to the township as a result of the gas industry activities in the county. The decisions made now will have a lasting impact on the quality of life for us all. The second issue is that the replacement of dated and worn equipment needs to be addressed and resolved in a reasonable way. And the third issue is the maintenance of the quality of our roads. Our highways are vital to the continued growth of the township.

6. In the coming years, how would you like to see your municipality use its revenue from the impact fee on gas drilling?

I would like to see the money used to improve infrastructure and to insure that the needs of the people are met in the future.

7. What is your philosophy about taxation?

I am a fiscal conservative. Less government is better than more government. The purpose of taxation is only to see that the basic needs of the people are met.

8. How have you been campaigning?

I have been going door to door talking to the voters, strictly grassroots.