TROY - Some students at W.R. Croman Primary School in Troy went camping this week without the campground.

Music teacher Mary Hawthorne held her music classes outdoors in an effort to replicate a camping experience. There were tents, music, and, of course, s'mores.

Hawthorne said she taught the students camping songs and they went "camping" during music class as a culminating event.

According to Hawthorne, the kids weren't familiar with a lot of camping songs, and she said she wanted to teach them the tunes. She wanted to make it a memorable experience for them.

On Thursday, she grabbed her guitar and sang to a kindergarten class on the school's front lawn.

"I thought I'd make it look like a little camp," she said.

She played songs like "Aiken Drum," "Brush Your Teeth," and "The More We Get Together."

After they were done with the music, Hawthorne and the kids went inside to eat s'mores.

A microwave substituted for a campfire.

Student Caitlyn Knapp said she liked the s'mores the best.

Hawthorne said the snacks were a hit.

"They loved them."

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