The Laceyville Borough Council met Friday night to discuss the fate of police officer Matt Chamberlain, who tried to sell a semi-automatic rifle out of his patrol car while on duty, but took no action on the matter.

"We did not make any decision on what kind of action we're going to take," Laceyville Mayor Phillip Brewer said in an interview on Saturday. "There are other areas (related to the case) that we have to get solved before we do any type of disciplinary action."

Chamberlain remains suspended without pay, Brewer said on Saturday. Brewer had previously said that Chambelain could lose his job over the incident.

The gun does not belong to the Laceyville Police Department, but is his own, private weapon, the mayor said.

On Thursday morning, Chamberlain took the rifle out of the cruiser's trunk at the gas station in order to show it to a prospective buyer, the mayor said.

The crux of the matter is that Chamberlain "was conducting private business on company time, using our police cruiser," the mayor said.

Asked whether Chamberlain had violated gun laws, Brewer replied: "As far as the federal gun law, I don't think he did."

Questions about what the council needs to do before making a decision on disciplinary action were referred by Brewer to the borough's solicitor.

The Review was unsuccessful in trying to reach the borough solicitor, Chad Salsman, on Saturday.

The council expects to be able to make a decision on possible further disciplinary action against Chamberlain at its July 1 meeting, Brewer said.

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