LEROY - Christmas morning isn't too far off, and that means there will be some unwrapping of gifts in the future.

This holiday season, the Leroy Heritage Museum also did some unwrapping of its own - and it didn't wait until Christmas.

At its "Gifts of Yesteryear" event Saturday, the museum took the wraps off some new exhibits that it created last winter.

Matt Carl, the president of the museum, shared information about the new exhibits, located upstairs. He was on hand for visitors at the event.

One of the new exhibits concerned the area's game heritage.

The exhibit includes deer antlers from the 1920's and a Great Horned Owl - now mounted - that was accidentally caught in a trap at Sunfish Pond in the late 1920's.

Back then, the game warden was called the "game refuge keeper," and he trapped animals considered to be pests, such as red foxes and weasels. Specimens of both animals were on display in the new exhibit. One of the game refuge keepers back then was George Ryder.

"The kids seem to like this display because they see the animals," Carl said.

Another new exhibit is "Entertainment of Yesteryear."

It features information about local entertainers of the past, such as the LeRoy Orchestra and the LeRoy Silver Cornet Band, and includes one of the cornets.

Carl noted that the band played a lot of different places.

Another new exhibit concerns the Civilian Conservation Corps, and features a mannequin dressed in the uniform that the workers wore back then. The scene shows him resting in the woods as a fake rattlesnake coils at his feet, ready to strike. Carl said the museum included the snake to show the dangers that the workers faced as they worked in Laquin in the 1930's.

"They had to watch what they were touching," he said.

He said the workers laid stone walls and built roads on the mountain, and also introduced wildlife back into the area, and planted trees.

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