CANTON - The issue of who will serve as Canton Borough Council's liaison to the Green Free Library has been resolved.

At the last borough council meeting, borough council president Ken Robertson chose two council people to handle the responsibilities, which another council member had refused previously.

Council member Dianna Thompson will be the primary representative, with council member Alfonse Ciaccio providing back-up.

In making the assignments, Robertson said they "graciously" agreed to accept the work, in addition to their other committee assignments. He said they were "willing to take on the extra time."

Earlier this year, Robertson expressed disappointment when new councilman George Jennings didn't accept the library position, which was offered to him. Jennings refused the assignment, and it had remained vacant until this month.

"I had one rejection, so I don't want to go through that again," Robertson commented. He commended Thompson and Ciaccio for being willing to "step up."

"That's what we're here for, to serve," Ciaccio said.

When asked for comment previously, Jennings said he wasn't interested in the library committee, but instead the police or street committee. He was concerned because he said no one talked to him, prior to offering him the library position.

Jennings was an employee of the borough street department for many years, and served at one time as street foreman. He also serves in the Canton Volunteer Fire Department.

In an emailed statement, Robertson had said, "I'm somewhat disappointed that George Jennings didn't accept the chairmanship of the Library Committee. His many years of experience with the Innes Hose Company would have provided expert knowledge in fundraising for our financially strapped Library."

"Furthermore, I was Chairman of the Library Committee for more than 10 years without being asked if I wanted it or not. As elected officials serving our community we should accept the assignments that we are given; isn't that what the oath of office is about?"

Jennings had declined to respond to Robertson's statement, when asked for comment at the time.

"We've never had anyone say no," borough administrator Amy Seeley had commented when Jennings had refused the assignment at the meeting in January, when the controversy arose.

Jennings wasn't in attendance at this month's council meeting, because he was taking part in fire training.

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