Elections officials in Bradford and Sullivan counties are not expecting a heavy voter turnout for Tuesday's primary election.

Even though registered Democrats will on Tuesday decide a four-way race for the Democratic nomination for governor and a five-way race for their party's nomination for lieutenant governor, "probably not a lot" of them will show up to vote in Bradford County, Bradford County Elections Director Renee Smithkors said.

Smithkors said she expects the number of registered Democrats in Bradford County who go to the polls on Tuesday will be "a little more than in last year's primary," when 1,380 Democrats voted.

Smithkors said she expects registered Republicans in Bradford County will be even less likely to vote on Tuesday, because "there is not a lot on the Republican ballot," as far as contested races, she said.

While voters on Tuesday will decide the Democratic and Republican nominations for congressman in the 10th District and the Democratic and Republican nominations for state representatives in the 110th and 68th districts, none of the candidates seeking those nominations are facing any opposition on Tuesday's ballot, Smithkors noted.

There is a contested race on the Republican ballot between Krystle Bristol of Troy and Diane Elliott of Rome Township for Republican State Committeewoman representing Bradford County.

Also, voters in the Wyalusing Area School District will face the following referendum on their ballot: "Do you favor the Wyalusing Area School District imposing an additional 1.45 percent increase in real estate taxes equaling .6228 mils above the Act 1 index and referendum exceptions granted under Section 333(f) of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2006?"

Voters from the Wyalusing School District who are not registered as Republicans or Democrats will vote on a ballot on Tuesday that contains only the referendum question.

In Bradford County, voters on Tuesday will vote for candidates for the Bradford County Democratic Committee and the Bradford County Republican Committee. Registered Democrats in Sullivan County will vote for candidates for the Sullivan County Democratic Committee.

In Sullivan County, there are no contested races on Tuesday's ballot except the Democratic nominations for governor and lieutenant governor.

"I don't expect a big voter turnout," said Joyce Panichi, Sullivan County elections director. "It's a very short ballot."

Polls in Pennsylvania will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Smithkors said.

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