WYSOX - Approximately 20 people gathered at the Towanda Country Club on Wednesday evening for a community meeting to learn about the WVIA documentary series "Our Towns," the latest of which will feature Towanda and Wysox.

The documentary, which will be aired on Nov. 13, will feature stories, photos and videos from local people living in the Towanda/Wysox area. WVIA Producer and Host Lisa Mazzarella said the documentary is the community's chance to tell stories about their town, both historical and current, as well as what they love about the area and why they live in the area.

"The 'Our Towns' series is a project facilitated by WVIA," she said. "You are the producers of the program."

Working with the Central Bradford Chamber of Commerce, Mazzarella said that the chamber and WVIA quickly decided that in order to develop the documentary, Towanda and Wysox would have to be one.

"That's what will make this project unique," she said. "Towanda and Wysox are in very close proximity to each other. They have many similarities but they are also very different. They compliment each other very well. Towanda has a historical charm, while Wysox is more progressive, and the Susquehanna River flows between them and links them together.

"It is a celebration of not only the area; it is a celebration of the people of the area and it's a milestone for the Towanda/Wysox area," Mazzarella continued. "Other people will be able to see what this area is all about and what you have to offer as a community as opportunities and as beauty."

Mazzarella referred to the documentary as the "ultimate home movie" that has flow and rhythm. Participants, which will be members of the local community, in the documentary will offer videos, photos or stories of a topic that they love and are passionate about in the area, whether that focus is in natural beauty, business or history.

Much of the funding for the project will come from sponsorships from local businesses, which will give sponsoring businesses a spot on the documentary listing them as a sponsor.

The community meeting was the first of three events for the documentary. The next meeting, called the "White Board Session," which will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 28 at the Towanda Fire Hall on Elm Street, will be where people who plan to participate in the documentary can plan and discuss ideas for what they want to be included in the movie. The next event, Interview Day, will allow participants to submit their videos, photos and stories for the documentary as well as be interviewed by WVIA for the movie. Interview Day is set to be held as an all day event on Sept. 27 at a location yet to be determined.

"The purpose of the documentary is to showcase your town," Mazzarella said. "This is an opportunity to market this area and show people why you love it here and it will also foster a sense of unity in the community."

Those seeking more information and to learn how to become a part of the project are encouraged to contact Lisa Mazzarella at (570) 602-1164 or lisamazzarella@wvia.org.

Johnny Williams can be reached at (570) 265-1639; email: jwilliams@northeastdriller.com.