There was royalty present in Monroeton recently at the Old Home Days in Monroeton where The Little Miss/Mr. Monroeton and Miss/Mr. Monroeton were crowned.

DJ Bob Brenner hosted the event and asked the contestants a variety of questions. Participants were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up, and a multitude of answers were given, ranging from firefighters and policeman to a veterinarian and baseball player. The contestants were then asked some of their hobbies, and replies included four wheelin', numerous fishing and even some drawing and reading. Dalton Wright, 12, of Powell said he enjoys drawing "battle scenes" and even reading several books a month on his free time. Courtney Stranger said she loves to smile and enjoys writing songs has even written a song named "Smile."

All of the contestants were asked to draw a poster of what they like best about "Old Home Days." - those things included the ferris wheel, fire trucks, dunking booth and one even said she enjoys the "increadible food." The contestants had plenty of support from family and friends present with Adrian Weatherby having a whole row of supporters and responding with "I feel Loved."

The winners of the contest were first place followed by second place respectively in each category - Little Miss Lilian Davis and Keirnyn Heft; Little Mr. Aiden Lamphere and Jayden Stranger; Mr. Monroeton Adrien Wetherbee and Dalton Wright; and Miss Monroeton Karen Davis Courtney Stranger. All participants received a goody bag from area businesses and the winners donned sashes/ribbons and crowns.