Among the organizations offering assistance to victims of recent flooding are:

American Red Cross


Case by case assistance in emergency/disaster situations (danger to health with fire department response), e.g. fire, flood, carbon monoxide, ice. Damage assessment is done immediately for each case.

Provide the following services (no income requirement for help):

- 3 nights lodging (hotel voucher for Hampton, Best Western, O'Brien's)

- Clothing allowance ($130/person)

- Food ($50 plus $15-20 per person)

- Prescriptions & Eye Glasses (medical limit is $500)

- Storage bins (for clients to retrieve belongings that are salvageable)

- Comfort kit (personal care items)

- First month's rent

- Bedding & linen

- Port-a-crib money when necessary

- Military aid - current or retired as long as they have a military benefits card; case by case

Some assistance is provided via a debit type card for the client to purchase themselves.

The Red Cross maintains a couple months contact with clients. Generally a family of 5 receives about $800 (not including medical and temporary housing). 90-95 percent of renters don't have renters insurance. The Red Cross can open a temporary shelter if 10 or more people are involved in a disaster.

Catholic Charities, Tioga Outreach Center (CCTOC)


Food Pantry - Tioga County residents (limited food for PA residents)

Clothing - provides clothing and household items to those in need

Mobile Food Pantry sponsorship monthly with The Bridge

Financial Assistance (individual, case by case basis; Tioga County NY residents only)

- Security deposits - approximately $150 (no rent)

- Utilities - approximately $150 (heat, electric; do not do phone, water)

- Prescriptions - no limit at present

Wheels for Work - insurance, car repairs, driver education (need to be referred by Tioga County

Employment Center, have a child under 18, and be under 200% poverty level)

Food Stamp Pre-Screenings/Applications - provides prescreening to determine if they may qualify for benefits. If potentially eligible, provides assistance with application. If applying through CCTOC then not require to go to DSS. DSS will provide a phone interview. (food stamp acceptance provides automatic qualification for HEAP/LIHEAP)

Budget Counseling - to assist people in how to best stretch their limited resources. The focus is connecting people to services available to them to stretch their money.

Other items - diapers, gas cards, bus tokens for Tioga Transit, personal care items, holiday assistance (as items are available through donations)

The Bridge of the Penn-York Valley Churches

570-888-8826 (Bob)

or Kim Paul

Phone: 607-565-4795

Clothes Closet - offers free clothing, small household items, books & toys to those in need - no geographical restrictions

Helping Hands (furniture ministry) - offers furniture free of charge by voucher to people in the school districts of Sayre, Athens, & Waverly

Kids at Risk - an anonymous ministry that works on referrals through the Valley school district teachers, nurses, social workers, and instruction support teams who identify needs for clothing, hygiene items, and other special needs/services (glasses, counseling, etc.)

Mobile Food Panty monthly sponsorship with Catholic Charities TOC (every third Wednesday from 1p-2:30p at the Waverly Presbyterian Church)

Emergency Assistance is provided through a voucher system through voucher writers of the member churches/organizations of the Bridge to those in the school districts of Sayre, Athens, and Waverly. Specifically up to $100 ($150 after May 5, 2009) is given for:

Shelter - people facing eviction (with an eviction notice), needing a security deposit to secure housing, or needing over night shelter

Utilities - for those in danger of having their gas, electric, or water turned off (need a shut-off notice); 100 gallons of fuel oil for those with an empty tank


Food - for transients who need a meal when food banks are not open

Transportation - for transients stranded and unable to get transportation out of the community

Other emergency situations - handled on an individual basis and require additional approval

Help limited to every 6 months up to 3 times in 5 years (for fuel oil, the limit is once every 12 months). Exceptions handled on an individual basis.

The Salvation Army


Food Pantry - 2 weeks of food every 60 days (exceptions made)

Rent - 1 month rent (one time per year)

Shelter - hotel 1-2 days

Utilities - 30 days worth of bill


Spiritual and Budget Counseling

The Salvation Army provides some assistance with Disaster Services. This is provided as needed or requested by the Red Cross.

Waverly Schools District clubs and organizations

In addition, Waverly Schools District clubs and organizations are collecting items now until next Saturday (9/17/11) at the Waverly High School to help the Valley flood victims through the Red Cross. There is an immediate need of toiletries: for full list please visit Waverly School website (

Supplies Requested (Travel sized and full size)

Gallon sized zip-lock bags



Blankets (freshly washed and dried)

Sheets (freshly washed and dried)


Pairs of socks

Bath towels






Boxes of tissues

Information submitted by Tioga Outreach Center of Tompkins/Tioga and the Waverly School District.