Local resident Tim O'Hearn will be featured in an episode of "Secret Snakes" on Animal Planet's Fatal Attractions. For O'Hearn, this is just one of the ventures he has embarked upon since his delve into the horror circuit. Animal Planet's Fatal Attractions episode of "Secret Snakes" will air at 10 p.m. on Feb. 15.

Fatal Attractions tells the true stories of people who choose to live with deadly "pets" - wild animals that are capable of catastrophic injury and even death. In "Secret Snakes," O'Hearn plays the main character Vito, who has an obsession with snakes.

Owning over 200 snakes in this episode, O'Hearn described them as everything from albino rattlers to cobras, to black mamba and even a corn snake. "It is a very dangerous situation for both Vito and his live in girlfriend Aleta," said O'Hearn of his character.

Residing in Waverly, N.Y., Tim "Crow" O'Hearn is featured in other films to include "Terminal Descent," "Cleric," and "Sineaters," which is produced by his company, Crow Nan Films. They are also producing a film Binary Samurai.

To learn more about O'Hearn, and to follow his action, you can visit him at timohearn.com. There you will find links to upcoming releases. To learn more about Animal Planet's Fatal Attractions, visit animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/fatal-attractions.