CANTON - Who-ooo knows about owls?

Maezie Inman does.

The fourth grader at Canton Area Elementary School was awarded first place for her research project on owls at the science fair Thursday at the school. An art show was also held. The school's PTA sponsored both events.

For Inman, the project was an eye-opening experience.

"An owl's eye is a hoot" was the message on her display board about her project.

On her summary, Inman wrote that she learned that owls see at night because of the size and make-up of their eyes.

"An owl's eyeball is not a ball at all; it's tube-like, filled with rods that let lots of light in," she wrote.

"I thought they were interesting," she said, when asked why she chose owls for her project. "They look cool." As testament to her fascination with the creatures, she wore a T-shirt with an owl print. She said that she was excited to win.

"We love owls at our house," said her mother, Paula.

In fifth grade, Kenny Biggs won third place for his research project on frogs.

"I thought it would be fun to learn about them," he said.

He said there are "tons" of spring peepers near his house, which isn't far from Canton Lake.

The grand champion for research projects was fifth grader Kayden Williams, who researched excavators and won "Best of Show." He said that he learned that excavators dig deep.

"He did an awesome job, all the kids did," said teacher Theresa Stimson.

Event organizer and teacher Deb Fitzwater said the whole night is popular, whether it's art or science.

She noted that each student has a piece of art in the school on display, so a lot of parents and family members turn out to see their work.

Elementary principal John Rimmer said at least 500 people attended the art show and science fair.

The art show winners were primary, John Brann, third grade; and intermediate, Joseph Williams, fifth grade. The winners for 3D objects were Olivia Howard, fifth grade, and Isaac Landis, fourth grade.

In the science fair science experiments, the grand champion was Carmya Mitchell, fourth grade; the fourth grade winners were Curtis Lammy, first; Lily Chamberlain, second, Ethan Engel, third; and the fifth and sixth grade winners were Blayne Wesneski, first; Nate Landon, second; and Taylor Gilbert, third.

Here is the full list of research projects winners: grand champion, Kayden Williams, fifth grade; fourth grade: Maezie Inman, first; Gracie Covert, second; and Summer Malone, third; fifth grade: Katelyn Andrus, first; Ellianna Binford, second; and Kenny Biggs, third; and sixth grade: Madyson Steinbrunner, first, and Jenna Spencer, second.

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