Lisa Lewis was born and raised in Bradford County. In 2007 Lisa decided to join the Y and it immediately became a very important part of her life. She was coming 6-7 days per week.

An active member of Zumba, Lisa quickly became part of the growing YMCA family and made many friends in class. In December 2011 her world was completely turned upside down by a phone call. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

Lisa met with her doctors to discuss treatment and what activities she could continue as she needed the support of her YMCA family more than ever. With doctors approval she continued to attend Zumba and lean on her Y family. Lisa had Chemotherapy biweekly for eight weeks and then weekly for the following 12 weeks. During this time she would come to the next Zumba class immediately following treatments, when her blood count was the highest and her energy level would permit her to participate.

She recalled a situation that will always stick with her. During her first few classes after chemo, she would wear her wig to cover her newly balding head. As the temperatures increased, she felt more comfortable, and wore just a scarf. Until one hot day, in the middle of class she ripped off her scarf to bare her bald head. It was a very emotional moment for Lisa as everyone beganto show their support with high fives, hugs, and so many tears. It is that kind of support from her friends and family that kept her going through this tough time.

During treatment, Lisa continued to work and stay active. Doctors believe part of her success was that she was in the best shape of her life. Ten months to the day after her diagnosis, in October 2012, Lisa completed her treatments, and began her road to recovery. Currently her cancer margins are clear, and although she has had multiple surgeries, Lisa continues to Zumba faithfully several times a week. Her next goal is to begin spinning.

She continues to be an inspiration to her family, friends, Y members and staff.

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Submitted by the Bradford County YMCA