TROY - A Troy man and a New York man face preliminary hearings June 11 before Magisterial District Judge Jonathan Wilcox of Troy on charges related to a theft of firearms that took place at approximately 3 p.m. May 31 on Sweeney Road in Armenia Township, according to court papers filed in Wilcox's office.

Samuel Lee Corey, 21, of Troy, and Damien James Kirkey, 23, of Dundee, N.Y. are charged in the incident, the papers note.

According to an affidavit, Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Steve Steransky responded June 2 on Sweeny Road in Armenia Township for a report of a burglary where two firearms were taken. Upon arrival, the trooper spoke with the camper owner, Tim Castle, who said that his window screen was pushed in. Castle also saw that the door to the camper was unlocked. The last time he was at the camper, he locked the door, before he left. Castle went inside the camper and saw that two weapons were missing from the camper - a Ruger double-action nine-shot .22-caliber pistol and a Smith and Wesson double-action six-shot .357-caliber revolver. He also saw a full can of "Natty Daddy Ice," which did not belong to him. He saw three empty cans of "Natty Daddy Ice" in the immediate area of the camper. Castle said he spoke with the property owner, Bret Beardslee, who told him that he saw Corey with the same type of beverage around Memorial Day weekend at Beardslee's residence, located down the road from the camper.

The trooper spoke with Corey, who admitted to entering the camper with Kirkey. Corey said he took a .22-caliber pistol and Kirkey took another weapon from the camper. Corey told the trooper that he and Kirkey went into the camper to have a place to drink, so his mom would not see them. Corey said he dismantled the gun and put part of it in a tree and buried the barrel, trigger release, and the screws from the weapon.

Corey is charged with criminal trespass; theft by unlawful taking or disposition; overnight accommodations - no person present; and altering or obliterating marks of identification. His bail was set at $15,000 and was not posted.

Kirkey is charged with receiving stolen property; criminal trespass; overnight accommodations - no person present; and theft by unlawful taking or disposition. His bail was set at $25,000 and was not posted.

The charges for both men are all felonies.

Police said the Smith and Wesson firearm is worth $450. No value was listed for the other firearm. Both belong to Castle.

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