TROY - Voters have given Troy Mayor - and Beatles fan extraordinaire - Mike Powers a "ticket to ride" for four more years.

And he feels fine.

According to official election results, Powers received 204 votes for his fourth term as mayor. He ran unopposed.

"I think it's an honor and a privilege to serve my community, and I look forward to the next four years," Powers commented.

The mayor said he was "very satisfied" with his vote tally. He thanked the voters.

"When I look at the total votes, the second highest in the borough, that has to tell you that I certainly have the backing of my constituents, no question," he said.

Powers said he looks forward to working closely with the newly-elected council members, which include Krystle Bristol, Jennifer Malehorn, former police chief Kyle Wisel, Mark Colton, and James Warn. Incumbent Robert G. Ives, Jr. came in last and lost his bid for re-election while incumbent Mike Davison failed to secure a nomination in the primary.

Powers was appointed to the mayor position in 1999, and then ran for election in 2000. He has been returned to office ever since.

As mayor, Powers works closely with the police department and he plans to continue focusing his efforts in that area.

Powers said he will keep striving for improvement in the police department while providing protection to the community.

And he said that he wants to work to the best of his ability with the police department and council.

When asked if he thought council member-elect and former police chief Wisel should be appointed as chairman of the Protection of Persons & Property Committee of Troy Borough Council, Powers said, "he's certainly the most qualified for it, and I have no objection if he does get appointed." Powers noted, however, that it's the council president who makes the appointments to the committees.

During his long term as mayor, Powers has worked with three police chiefs: former chief, Wisel, former chief Greg Hostettler, and current chief Jarvis Burlingame.

He has enjoyed overseeing the police department.

"It's been very educational, very interesting, and very fulfilling to see how the department works on a day-to-day basis," he said. He added that the Troy police are "certainly dedicated to their profession and do an outstanding job."

Of course, there has been controversy from time to time.

For instance, Wisel resigned once, rescinded his resignation, and then resigned for good last year, following a disagreement with council. Wisel then became the county detective, a position that was previously held by Hostettler.

And looking back, Powers recalled one matter that wasn't resolved to his satisfaction, back in 2010.

"I think my biggest disappointment in my tenure was not relocating the police department in the Western Alliance Emergency Services Building," he said. "Still to this day, I feel very adamant that it would have been a very beneficial move and beneficial transition for our police department to have been placed in that facility."

Instead, council decided to renovate the borough hall - thereby accommodating the needs of the police department through several changes made to the building - and have the police department stay at that location.

Beyond the police department, Powers is also concerned about the old Troy Community Hospital building, which now sits vacant due to the hospital moving to its new location just outside Troy.

"I would love to see something done with that facility," Powers said. "It's an asset to the community and I don't want to see it just being neglected."

When Powers isn't serving as mayor, he spends his time at his radio stations, Wiggle and The Bridge and serves as commander at the American Legion in Troy and president of the American Legion Riders in Troy.

A fan of classic rock, Powers said he enjoys former Beatle Paul McCartney's latest album, the appropriately-titled "New."

Powers is such a big fan of The Beatles, in fact, that he has a ticket stub from The Beatles' historic Aug.15, 1965 concert at Shea Stadium in New York City, which he attended as a teenager.

Powers, meanwhile, said McCartney's new album "just proves to the consumer and the listener that this man (McCartney) has endless talent. He's ageless and just goes on and on."

You heard it from Powers.

Listen to what the man said.

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