Derek Sherman Johnson, 42, of Monroeton is accused of striking a male with his vehicle in Towanda, police said.

The incident occurred a little after 1 p.m. on Feb. 6 in the parking lot of the Dandy Mini Mart at 625 Main St., police said.

Towanda police said they reviewed footage from a security camera in order to see how the incident had occurred.

In a court document filed in Towanda District Court, Towanda police described the incident as follows:

Johnson was backing out of a parking space in the lot when his Chevrolet Tahoe struck a Jeep Cherokee that was parked at the gasoline pumps.

Johnson then exited from his vehicle and spoke briefly with the operator of the Jeep, but Johnson never exchanged information with the Jeep's operator.

Johnson then got back in his vehicle and, as he was leaving the parking lot, a male named Jakayo Frye tried to stop him from leaving.

Frye put his hands in the air, signaling for Johnson to stop.

As Frye approached Johnson's vehicle, Johnson failed to stop for Frye and struck him with his vehicle, police said.

Frye had to move quickly to the side and had to use his hands to push himself away from Johnson's vehicle in order to avoid being run over by the vehicle, police said.

Frye was not injured, Towanda police said.

Johnson was charged with simple assault and driving with a suspended license, police said.

Additional charges were lodged against Johnson because he fled the scene of the accident without providing information to the other driver, police said.

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