SAYRE - A 75-seat movie theater within the Sayre Theatre has been named in honor of the theater's longtime manager, Marjorie Ross.

The theater, which had previously been called "Cinema 3," will now be called the "D'Rosa Theatre," said Brooks Eldredge-Martin, the emeritus executive director of the Bradford County Regional Arts Council, which owns the Sayre Theatre.

Ross said she wanted the theater to bear the name of her grandfather, Frederick D'Rosa, who changed his name to Ross when he arrived in America in 1896 as an immigrant from Italy.

The D'Rosa Theatre is one of three theaters where movies are shown within the Sayre Theatre.

D'Rosa had shown courage in immigrating to the United States when he was 23 years old, seeking a better life, Ross said.

"Who knows where I would be if he hadn't had the courage to get on that ship," she said.

She also said she has always felt it was "kind of sad" that so many immigrants had their names changed when they arrived in America, either because they wanted to fit in better, or because immigration workers couldn't spell their names, or because it made the immigration paperwork easier to fill out.

Ross "is truly a remarkable person who has made this community a better place," Mark Stensager, CEO emeritus of Guthrie, said at a dedication ceremony for the D'Rosa Theatre, held Sunday at the Sayre Theatre.

Those who spoke at the ceremony praised Ross as an excellent administrator and a strong promoter of the Sayre Theatre. They also praised the work she had done to raise funds for charitable causes.

Stensager said that he and Ross had together, over many years, raised "hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars" for victims of international disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, and the tsunami that struck Japan, as well as for local victims of cancer and flooding.

Ross has made the Sayre Theatre "one of the centers if not the center of this town," Eldredge-Martin said.

Eldredge-Martin also praised Ross for the work she had done to further the restoration of the century-old Sayre Theatre, located at 205 S. Elmer Ave. in Sayre.

Ross was made the manager of the Sayre Theatre in 1995, less than a year after the Bradford County Regional Arts Council purchased the theater.

In addition to being the manager of the Sayre Theatre, Ross is the arts council's senior manager for its three theaters, located in Canton, Towanda and Sayre.

During the ceremony, new signage was unveiled for the D'Rosa Theatre.

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