Northeast Bradford Elementary School principal Janice Otis is resigning from her position effective July 1.

The resignation, accepted by the school board on March 11, comes as Otis retires from a 36 year career in education.

Otis acted as principal at the school for 10 years, having previously worked in the Troy Area School District and Elk Lake School District.

Northeast Bradford School District Superintendent Heather McPherson said of Otis' resignation, "She has done an outstanding job and she's a great instructional leader. I'm very sorry to see her go."

Otis was a special education teacher and supervisor before becoming principal at Northeast Bradford.

McPherson spoke of Otis' expertise saying, "She brought a wonderful set of skills and knowledge to the district and has been able to teach me a lot. I'm going to miss her."

While ideally a replacement principal would be found by June, there is no time table set in stone, McPherson said.

"We are a district that is really committed to improving. … We are going to find the right candidate and work hard at doing that. This is a very, very important position; we won't rush things," McPherson explained.

Otis explained that she will miss her position very much, but it was time for retirement.

"I worked in education my whole life, and I am going to miss the school. It was a very hard decision, but people always told me that when you're ready to retire you'll know, and I am at that point," Otis said.

She looks forward to spending time with her grandchildren and traveling with her husband. Otis is a long time resident of Camptown, and plans to remain there.

The school district is now making an effort to advertise for the open position, stating an April 25 deadline for applicants.

All applicants must have a Pennsylvania principal certification and appropriate clearances for the position.

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