ORWELL TOWNSHIP - There was a rainbow of blue, purple, orange and more at Northeast High School Friday. Was it balloons? Or T-shirts? Or streamers?

No. It was hair. Teachers' hair at that.

Six teachers colored their hair bright colors as part of a National Honor Society fund-raising project to benefit some local youngsters.

The project aided Chow for Children, a local effort by women of the Rome Presbyterian Church, NHS adviser Sandy Morris explained. Chow for Children provides weekend meals for children in the Rome Headstart, she said.

NHS member Tina LaBarre organized the project, with the help of fellow members Chelsea Souto and Dylan Saxon. First, they found six teachers willing to temporarily color their hair. Then they had students cast votes, for $1 apiece, on the color for each teacher.

"It seemed like a good idea to me!" Tina said.

The teachers and their colors were: Scott Hakes, purple; Dan Martin, blue; Matt Fearnley, purple; Melissa Tewksbury, orange; Amy Martell, orange; and Marcia Kipp, green.

"Well, it's for a good cause!" Kipp commented. Not only was her hair a sort of minty green, her daughter Kara styled it into a cone shape, with the help of a pill bottle for support. And lots of hair spray.

Kipp wore a long dress with a lively print, and Fearnley found a shirt and tie to coordinate with his lavender locks.

Hakes dabbed purple onto his beard and mustache, too.

The NHS hoped to raise $150; in the end the project brought in $220.

The hair dye was temporary, and could be washed out.