WEST BURLINGTON TWP. - Kate Lewis said she enjoys being able to provide books to people who want to read.

That's part of her job as the new Bradford County Library bookmobile clerk.

"I originally wanted to do something more along the lines of education and outreach, and the library's bookmobile actually incorporates all of those services," said the New Era resident, who began work late last month.

Previously, she worked as a librarian assistant at the Penn State University libraries, a job she held from 2002 to July of this year.

In State College, she said, it's easy to get a book.

But here in Bradford County, there are places where there are no libraries, and she said bringing books to these communities gives her a feeling of accomplishment.

"People have been very happy to see the bookmobile come back," she said, noting that another bookmobile was purchased after the old one had to be replaced.

"We're going to try to get as many new books on here as we can," she said.

Lewis has a bachelor's degree in media studies and has taken graduate coursework in early childhood education. She is certified in elementary education.

As for the near future, Lewis is getting married to Edward Armstrong, and she has a son, Andrew, 9.

Alan Roloson, business manager at the library, who has gone out on the bookmobile with Lewis, had some good words about the library's new employee. He thought she was doing a good job.

"She's catching on real fast on all the procedures, the travel, the driving, everything," he said.

In addition, he said Lewis has a good personality and attitude and is dealing with the public well.

A bookmobile schedule can be viewed at the library's Web site at www.bradfordcountylibrary.org.

Lewis had a message for the public.

"Look for me coming to your community."

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