TROY - Deb Harer's brand new State Farm insurance office in downtown Troy boasts large glass windows - and now one of them has been broken in an act of vandalism.

"Depressing" is how Harer described finding out about the damage.

Harer said she received a call at 2 a.m. Tuesday from the Bradford County 911 center, informing her of the crime. The window is now boarded up, until it can be fixed.

Harer estimated the damage at $1,000.

She said a local resident saw a young man punch his fist through the window, shattering it and leaving his blood and hair on the glass. Harer said she heard that the man had been angry about an issue in his personal life.

Harer said the man became injured as a result of breaking the window and went to Troy Community Hospital and later had to be taken to Robert Packer Hospital.

State police at Towanda had no information about the incident, and Troy police didn't return an email or phone message from The Daily Review seeking more information.

Harer said the broken glass took the finish off her coffee table, and cut the fabric of her couch.

Recently, Harer moved her business from 797 Canton St. in downtown Troy to the new location at 1109 West Main St.

It's the former Video King building, next to Moose's Munchies. She made extensive renovations to the building, painting the outside and giving the interior a major overhaul.

She reflected sadly on how the former Video King building sat vacant for many years and nothing happened, and then she moved in, and five weeks later, the vandalism occurred.

The window was broken in the area of Harer's business that she made into an art and photo gallery for local artists and photographers. The other side of the business is her insurance company.

Harer said she was grateful that the works of art weren't damaged in the gallery.

A similar type of incident occurred earlier this year, when a window at Cooke's Pharmacy nearby had been broken.

The incident at Harer's business wasn't the only crime to take place in Troy recently.

There was also an attempted burglary that occurred over the weekend off Ballard Street in Troy at the Martha Lloyd campus, Troy police said.

Troy police are continuing to investigate the incident, which occurred Saturday evening.

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