The new poll topic for The Daily & Sunday Review website this week is: If you see someone with mustard on their face, what do you do?

- I tell them

- I might tell them if I know the person

- I try to ignore it

- It depends on how awkward the situation is

Last week's question was: What do you do if someone gives you a lousy haircut?

As of the end of the poll period on Saturday evening, with 504 responses received, the breakdown was as follows: I ask them to fix what's wrong before I leave, 145, 29 percent; I get another hair dresser in the same salon/barber shop, 6, 1 percent; I go to another salon/barber shop, 104, 21 percent; I tell everyone I know how bad the cut was , 52, 10 percent; I try to live with it until next time, 120, 24 percent; I try to fix it myself when I get home, 77, 15 percent.

The poll is not conducted scientifically and cannot be taken as an accurate measurement of community sentiment. It is an interactive feature for entertainment only.

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