The new poll topic for The Daily & Sunday Review website this week is: When do you generally take down your Christmas decorations?

- Right after Christmas

- Right after New Year's

- Early to mid-January

- Whenever I feel like it

- I don't put up decorations

Last week's question was: When do you open your Christmas presents?

As of the end of the poll period on Saturday evening, with 765 responses received, the breakdown was as follows: Christmas Eve, 65, 8 percent; Christmas Day, 440, 58 percent; Both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 147, 19 percent; On another day, 26, 3 percent; I don't exchange gifts over the holidays, 42, 5 percent; I don't celebrate Christmas, 45, 6 percent.

The poll is not conducted scientifically and cannot be taken as an accurate measurement of community sentiment. It is an interactive feature for entertainment only.

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