The new poll topic for The Daily & Sunday Review website this week is: Where do you plan on going on vacation this year?

- The beach

- A theme/amusement park

- A big city

- A relative's house

- A state or national park

- A secluded spot in the country

- Overseas

- On a cruise

- I'm staying home this year

- Other

Last week's question was: What's the primary way you keep cool when the temperatures warm up?

As of the end of the poll period on Saturday evening, with 662 responses received, the breakdown was as follows: Air conditioning, 348, 56 percent; Fans, 86, 14 percent; Opening windows, 70, 11 percent; Swimming, 29, 5 percent; Taking cold showers, 7, 1 percent; Sitting on the porch, 16, 3 percent; Drinking cool beverages, 15, 2 percent; Eating food that requires no cooking, or grilling, 8, 1 percent; Eating ice cream or other icy desserts, 6, 1 percent; Wearing light clothing, 37, 6 percent.

The poll is not conducted scientifically and cannot be taken as an accurate measurement of community sentiment. It is an interactive feature for entertainment only.

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