New Review poll topic published on website

The new poll topic for The Daily & Sunday Review website this week is: What do you dislike most about winter weather?

- Shoveling sidewalks

- Having to dress in warm clothes

- Driving in snowy weather

- Paying heating bills

- Cleaning snow off the car

Last week's question was: Which of the following would you like to do in 2014?

As of the end of the poll period on Saturday evening, with 664 responses received, the breakdown was as follows: Lose weight, 215, 32 percent; Quit smoking, 32, 5 percent; Start dating, 11, 2 percent; Start a family, 5, 1 percent; Get out of debt, 45, 7 percent; Save money, 21, 3 percent; Invest, 3, less than one percent; Buy a home or other property, 16, 2 percent; Go on vacation, 25, 4 percent; Volunteer, 7, 1 percent; Do random acts of kindness, 32, 5 percent; Learn something new, 1, less than one percent; Continue education, 4, 1 percent; Spend more time with family, 11, 2 percent; Retire, 21, 3 percent; More than one of these, 173, 26 percent; None of these, 42, 6 percent.

The poll is not conducted scientifically and cannot be taken as an accurate measurement of community sentiment. It is an interactive feature for entertainment only.

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