LEROY TWP. - A Wysox man got away with nothing more than a scraped knee after his motorcycle collided with a tractor-trailer on Route 414 at 5:55 p.m. Tuesday in Leroy Township, said Canton Fire Chief Kim Jennings.

The motorcycle driver, Glenn Dieffenbach of Wysox, said that the sun was in his eyes and he didn't see the tractor-trailer or hear it. Then, he turned in front of it by mistake, he said.

The tractor-trailer and the motorcycle came to rest about 100 yards apart, according to Jennings.

Jennings said the motorcycle looked as if it were destroyed while the tractor-trailer had damage on the front driver's side and a punctured fuel tank.

According to Jennings, there was a diesel fuel leak from the tractor-trailer, but the fuel didn't enter a nearby waterway.

He said the diesel fuel was going to be cleaned up.

In addition to the Canton Volunteer Fire Department, Western Alliance Emergency Services responded and he said PennDOT was on its way.

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