ORWELL TOWNSHIP - A lee..eee...eeetle bit 'o the Scottish highlands is comin' to Northeast Bradford this weekend - kilts 'n all. Aye, it is!

A group of Northeast-area students and alumni will present the musical "Brigadoon" at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday in the elementary school Large Group Instruction Room. The show benefits the Northeast Bradford Education Foundation.

Northeast graduate Drew Boardman is directing the show. Drew will be a junior this fall at Kutztown University. "I want to be a screen writer someday," he notes, adding that directing "Brigadoon" provides him good experience, and a lot of fun, too.

The cast includes around 20 people, with a few more doing behind-the-scenes work. The youngest performer's 3 and the oldest, 20. The oldest helper's ... well, she's a bit beyond 20.

Last summer, Drew and his father, Andy, directed "The Wizard of Oz," which also benefited the NEBEF. The foundation's a group that raises money to buy items and services for the schools that the district might not otherwise be able to provide.

During a recent practice, the LGI stage holds young men in kilts, young women in long ruffly dresses and mountain scenes. And ... a lot of talent.

"The story is about two hunters that get lost in Scotland," Drew explains. They stumble across the town of Brigadoon - which has a very interesting quirk - and one falls in love with a young lady there. But all is not well ... because then love triangles develop, tempers flare and. ...

You'll just have to go see it.

Unlike "The Wizard of Oz," "Brigadoon" includes a love story. "I like that a lot," Drew says. "It still has that fairy-tale kind of element to it," he notes. "It's a family-friendly show."

"Brigadoon" has been performed on Broadway, featuring Gene Kelly. And about 10 years ago, Northeast Bradford students presented it, directed by teacher Bea Williams, Drew remembers.

"This was the first musical I ever saw live," he adds.

"We have a lot of kilts that were made and a lot of the girls have big dresses," Drew says.

Pat Hicks of LeRaysville made the kilts.

And what do the boys think about wearing kilts? "Oddly enough they're very excited!" Drew reports.

The musical also includes little people portraying sheep, and real-life bagpipers from the Penn-York Highlanders.

Performer Stormy Russell likes the way the show actively involves everyone. "Love it!" declares fellow performer Cassie Moore. Stormy and Cassie were also in "Wizard."

Performers and singers are: Philip Jampo, Allison Bonin, Patrick Mercaldo, Cassie Moore, Brent Beckwith, Mackenzie Moore, Andrew Jampo, Stormy Russell, Adam Ford, Austin Saxer, Julie Cooper, Ethan Middaugh, Cody Welles, Kiah Russell, Drew

Boardman, Anna Eastman, Emma Neuber, Jimmy Eastman and Maisie Neuber.

Lora Antisdel is painting the scenery, and Rachel Cooper is pianist.

Admission will be $6 for students and $8 for adults.

"It's coming along really, really well," Drew says. Scotland is a-comin' to Northeast.

Aye, it is!