TROY - The Troy Borough Police Department is up to two full-time officers, following action by borough council Tuesday.

At council's regular monthly meeting, council members made part-time officer Mike Northup full-time.

Northup attended the meeting, and was congratulated on the promotion.

Now, the force has two full-time officers, Northup and Police Chief Jarvis Burlingame.

The action was taken following an executive session.

Council president Jason Hodlofski asked for a motion "to put Mike Northup into the full-time position." Council member Jenn Malehorn made the motion, which was seconded by council member Bob Ives. The motion passed.

Troy Mayor Mike Powers told Northup, "congratulations, Mike. I know you've waited for this for several years. I commend you for it. I know, speaking with the chief and everyone on council, we have 100 percent support for you, and look forward to working with you for many years to come."

Northup was applauded.

When asked for comment, Powers called it "a very positive movement forward" for the borough.

"We had to have what is best for the community, as far as coverage is concerned," Powers commented.

"It's a decision that we've needed, to assure the best coverage for the borough."

"When you have two full-time, you're assured you will have the strength," he said.

He noted that the action "assures the solidity of the police department."

Powers said that 24/7 coverage is possible, with Northup on the force full-time.

He said this will be achieved through a combination of officers on duty and the on-call officer being available.

Powers said Trey Kurtz rounds out the police department as a part-time officer.

The mayor said that Frank Monroe, who was hired earlier this year as a part-time officer and was with the borough a short time, has taken a position elsewhere, and is no longer with the borough.

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