After much anticipation, deer hunters got into the field Monday, with some bagging a trophy.

At the Leona Meat Plant in the East Troy area, plant manager Phil Hussmann said about 50 deer were brought into the plant, about the same as last year.

He said they were mostly average sized, with "a couple big ones."

Most were buck.

The average size of the antlers on the deer was 6 to 8 points.

"We've had a couple bigger ones," he commented.

At Bryan's Meat Cutting in East Smithfield, a worker who answered the phone said, "we received a good amount of deer."

She said at least 90 deer had been brought in.

They were mostly buck.

"They've been nice," she said.

Over the weekend, there was much activity as people got ready to go hunting.

In Canton, Jim's Sporting Goods on West Main Street had many customers on Saturday.

Deer hunting "is something everybody up here does," said Sheila Hakes, commander of Rome V.F.W. Post 6824, which held a "Hunter's Breakfast" on Sunday to raise money for the post's auxiliary. A total of 134 people attended the breakfast, many of them deer hunters, she said.

Besides the V.F.W. Post, deer hunting season this year was, as usual, benefiting local businesses.

"We've been busy," due to hunters buying supplies and equipment for deer season, said Dale Fulmer, owner of Fulmer's Sporting Goods in Wysox Township.

Hunters and trappers are reminded they no longer are required to display their licenses on an outer garment, Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Carl G. Roe said in a press release that was issued by the Game Commission earlier this month.

"The Game Commission supported legislation that was enacted last year and took effect earlier this year to remove the statutory requirement that licenses be displayed," Roe said. "Hunters now may place their hunting license in their wallet with other ID, as they are required to have a second form of identification with them while hunting."