Republican and Democratic voters in Bradford and Sullivan counties will go to the polls on Tuesday to decide who will be their parties' candidates on the November ballot for U.S. senator, state senator, state representative, state attorney general, auditor general, and state treasurer.

Another reason for going to the polls is that Pennsylvania's Republican and Democratic presidential primaries are being held on Tuesday.

"I don't think the (voter) turnout will be high" on Tuesday, said Renee Smithkors, Bradford County elections director. Smithkors noted that far fewer voters are using absentee ballots for Tuesday's election than in the last presidential primary.

For Tuesday's election, the Bradford County Elections Bureau issued 280 absentee ballots, compared to 783 issued for the 2008 presidential primary, she said.

GOP voters will decide Tuesday whether incumbent Gene Yaw or Republican State Committeeman David Huffman Jr. of Williamsport will win the Republican nomination for state senator in the 23rd District.

Five Republicans and two Democrats, including incumbent Bob Casey Jr., are in the running for the Republican and Democratic spots on the fall ballot for U.S. senator.

While former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum has dropped out of the race for president, his name still appears on Tuesday's Republican ballot, as does Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney.

On the Republican ballot, there is no indication as to which presidential candidate the candidates for delegate to the Republican National Convention are supporting. That's because, according to the rules of the state Republican Party, the candidates for delegate to the Republican National Convention are all currently officially uncommitted, according to Ron Ruman, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of State. The only way to know which presidential candidate they support is if they had previously announced it or if a candidate had announced which delegates supported him.

Democratic voters on Tuesday will decide whether Kathleen G. Kane of Lackawanna County or Patrick Murphy of Bucks County will win their party's nomination for state attorney general.

GOP voters will decide Tuesday whether Frank A. Pinto of Dauphin County or John Maher of Allegheny County will win the Republican Party's nomination for Pennsylvania auditor general.

On Tuesday, voters who are registered Republicans will also elect the members of the Bradford County Republican Committee.

You can find sample ballots for all of the voting precincts in Bradford County by going to the county's website,, and selecting "Administration" on the left-hand column and then selecting "Election Bureau/Voter Registration."

A new state law that requires voters to show a photo ID won't go into effect until the November 2012 election, but poll workers in Bradford County will be asking voters on Tuesday to show a photo ID anyway.

If voters don't have a photo ID at Tuesday's election, they will be allowed to vote, but poll workers will give them a handout that explains what forms of ID are acceptable and that states that they will need to show the ID beginning with the November election. The handout also explains how to obtain a photo ID, if the voter does not have one.

Polls will be open statewide from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Pennsylvania.

Here are the polling places in Bradford County for Tuesday's election:

Alba Borough - First Christian Church, 74 Church Drive, Alba

Albany Twp. - Evergreen Christian Church, 23 Szemple Ln., New Albany

Armenia Township - Mary Lyon Annex -- Olde Colvert Church, 1773 Fallbrook Rd.

Asylum Township - New Asylum Twp. Building, 19981 Route 187

Athens Boro 1st Ward - Presbyterian Church (Large room in basement), 622 S. Main St., Athens

Athens Boro 2nd Ward - Athens United Methodist Church, 118 S. Main St.

Athens Boro 3rd Ward - Borough Municipal Building, 2 S. River St.

Athens Boro 4th Ward - Page Manor dining area, 502 Church St., Athens

Athens Twp. 1st District - New Life Mennonite Church, 915 Front St., Athens

Athens Twp. 2nd District - Municipal Bldg., 45 Herrick Ave., Athens

Burlington Boro - Methodist Church (Room in basement), 62 Berwick Tpke.

Burlington Twp. - Luthers Mills United Methodist Church Annex, 1307 Covered Bridge Road

West Burlington Twp. - W. Burlington Municipal Bldg., 13028 Route 6

Canton Boro - Ecumenical Church Social Room, 103 N. Center St.

Canton Twp. - Canton Twp. Building, 3235 Route 414, Canton

Columbia Twp. - Community Hall (Kindergarten Rm) 4709 Austinville Rd.

Franklin Twp. - Franklindale Community Hall, 15 Grange Rd.

Granville Twp. - Granville Center Church of Christ, 5753 Rt. 514

Herrick Twp. - Fireman's Hall, 27 Hops Rd., Herrickville

LeRaysville Boro - Community Hall, 27 Church Street, LeRaysville

Leroy Twp. - Leroy Community Hall, 251 Mill Street

Litchfield Twp. - Litchfield United Methodist Church, 2759 Litchfield Rd.

Monroe Boro - Monroeton Public Library, 149 Dalpiaz Dr., Monroeton

Monroe Twp. - Community Alliance Church, 27 Alliance Ln.

New Albany Boro - Fire Co. Hose Room, 134 Main St., New Albany

Orwell Twp. - Orwell Bible Church, 1749 Orwell Hill Rd

Overton Twp. - St Paul's Church of Overton, 781 Overton Rd.

Pike Twp. - Neath/Welsh Congregational Church Hall, 4702 Williams Rd.

Ridgebury Twp. - Municipal Bldg., 13278 Berwick Turnpike, Gillett

Rome Boro - Educational Bldg., Presbyterian Church, Rome

Rome Twp. - Township Bldg., 28083 Route 187 (next to the YHEC Bldg.)

Sayre Boro 1st Ward - Elks Annex, 117 S. Elmer Ave., Sayre

Sayre Boro 2nd Ward - Keystone Manor (comm rm) 900 N. Elmer Ave., Sayre

Sayre Boro 3rd Ward - Fire Hall in Milltown, 120 South St., Sayre

Sayre Boro 4th Ward - St. John's Lutheran Church, 207 S. Hopkins St., Sayre

Sayre Boro 5th Ward - Department of Public Works, 321 S. Thomas Ave., Sayre

Sheshequin Twp. - Trinket Community Bldg., 515 Grange Hall Rd.

Smithfield Twp. - Twp. Building, 48 Factory Ln., E. Smithfield

South Creek Twp. - Old Gillett School, 6 School House Rd

South Waverly Boro - Borough Building, 2523 Pennsylvania Ave., Sayre

Springfield Twp. - Township Building, 3431 Springfield Rd

Standing Stone Twp. - New Twp. Bldg, (corner of Rte. 6 & Tamarack Rd.) 35165 Route 6

Stevens Twp. - Stevensville Community Hall, 8999 Route 706

Sylvania Boro - Community Hall, 2553 Sylvania Rd.

Terry Twp. - Township Building, 1876 Rienze Rd.

Towanda Boro 1st Ward - Trinity Lutheran Church, 908 S. Main St.

Towanda Boro 2nd Ward - Towanda Fire Depart., 101 Elm St. (Plank Rd.) Towanda

Towanda Boro 3rd Ward - Independent Baptist Church, 109 Cherry St., Towanda

Towanda Twp. - Towanda Twp. Municipal Bldg., 44 Chapel St.

North Towanda Twp. - 477 Reuter Blvd. (Next to 3D's Pizza Place)

Troy Boro - First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 579 Canton St., Troy

Troy Twp. - Oscoluwa Engine & Hose Inc., 88 Firehouse Dr., Troy

Tuscarora Twp. - Spring Hill Community Hall, 4249 Spring Hill Rd

Ulster Twp. - Ulster-Sheshequin Fire Hall, 85 Rescue St., Ulster

Warren Twp. - Warren Twp. Community Building, 187 School House Rd.

Wells Twp. - Coryland Church, 3028 Hickory Rd.

Wilmot Twp. - Township Building, 4861 Route 187, Hollenback

Windham Twp. - Windham Twp. Community Hall, 38846 Route 187

Wyalusing Boro - Fire Hall, 24 Second St.

Wyalusing Twp. - Township Building, 41654 Rt. 6 (Old IH Bldg.) Wyalusing

Wysox Twp. - Wysox EMS/Ambulance Bldg., 22537 Route 187, Wysox

Here are selected polling places in Sullivan County:

Bernice Precinct - Bel-Mil Fire Company Building.

Cherry Township - Cherry Township Municipal Building.

Colley Township - Colley Township Municipal Building.

Dushore Borough - Dushore Fire Company Building.

Lopez Precinct - Lopez Municipal Bldg.