The following state highways are closed as of 8 p.m. Sunday in Bradford and Sullivan counties due to flooding:

Bradford County

SR 6 in Burlington and West Burlington townships, from Berwick Turnpike to Bailey Corners Road;

SR 6 in Troy Township from SR 14 to SR 3032 (Mud Creek Road);

SR 6 from Bridge Street in Wyalusing Borough to Moravian Road in Wyalusing Township;

SR 154 from the Sullivan County line to Main Street in Canton Borough;

SR 187 in Orwell Township (bridge out) one-quarter mile north of Orwell Hill Road;

SR 187 in Windham Township from SR 1049 to the New York state line;

SR 199 from SR 220 in Athens Township to Pine Street in Athens Borough;

SR 414 from SR 3013 (Grange Road) in Franklin Township to Main Street in Monroeton;

SR 414 in Leroy Township, from East Canton Road to Windfall Road;

SR 1017 (Herrickville Road) in Herrick Township, from SR 706 at Camptown to Arey Road;

SR 1029 (Lake Hill Road) from SR 1046 (Bumpville Road) in Rome Township to North Rome Road in Litchfield Township;

SR 1040 (Cadis Road) in Warren Township, from Leraysville Road to the New York state line;

SR 1043 (Sheshequin Road) from Front Street in Athens Township to the New York state line in Litchfield Township;

SR 1043 (Sheshequin Road) in Sheshequin Township, from SR 1022 (Ghent Hill Road) to Ridge Road;

SR 1043 (Sheshequin Road) from Bradley Road in Sheshequin Township to Orange Hill Road in Athens Township (mud and rock slides);

SR 1049 (Leraysville Road) in Pike, Warren and Windham townships, from SR 467 to SR 187;

SR 1055 (Battle Creek Road) from SR 187 at Rome to Cotton Hollow Road;

SR 1055 (Battle Creek Road) in Rome Township, (bridge out) between C Harrington Road and North Orwell Road;

SR 1056 (Front Street) in Athens Township, from SR 199 to North Rome Road;

SR 1067 (Hill Road) in Litchfield Township, from Cotton Hollow Road to Litchfield Road;

SR 1069 (Elmira Street) in Athens Borough, at Pine Street;

SR 2010 (Wyalusing New Albany Road) between SR 187 and SR 6;

SR 3003 (Ellenton Mountain Road) in Canton Township, from Barnes Hill Road to Brague Road;

SR 3008 (Southside Road) from Mill Street in Leroy Township to SR 414 in Franklin Township;

SR 3013 (Grange Road) in Franklin Township from Creamery Road to Alexander Road;

SR 3017 (Allen Meadow Road) from SR 514 in Granville Township to Pension Road in Franklin Township;

SR 3024 (Fairview Road) in West Burlington Township, from Bailey Corners Road to Hanks Road;

SR 3028 (Cowley Road) in Granville Township, from Windfall Road to SR 514;

SR 3029 (Gulf Road) in Granville and Troy Townships;

SR 4018 (Wolcott Hollow Road) from Mile Lane Road in Ridgebury Township to SR 220 in Athens Township;

Sullivan County

SR 87 from Route 220 at Dushore to SR 973 in Lycoming County;

SR 154 from SR 220 at Laporte to SR 87 at Forksville;

SR 220 from SR 405 in Hughesville to Muncy Valley;

SR 2002 (Nordmont Road) in Davidson Township, between Brown Hill Road and Long Brook Road;

SR 3005 from the Lycoming County line in Shrewsbury Township to SR 87;

SR 4001 (Elk Creek Road) from SR 154 at Lincoln Falls to SR 87 in Hillsgrove Township;

SR 4014 from SR 154 in Elkland Township to Mill View Mountain Road in Forks Township.

This press release was provided by PennDOT.