Coatesville resident Penny Gorens, who crashed a school bus on Nov. 12 in Wilmot Township and left the scene before emergency personnel arrived, has been granted an accelerated rehabilitative disposition during a Thursday morning hearing before Senior Judge Kenneth D. Brown.

Gorens faced 35 charges stemming from the incident, 24 of which were endangering the welfare of children. Gorens was also charged with five counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving injury, and six other summary offenses relating to traffic violations.

The accident occurred while children from the Wyalusing Area School District were on their way home from school. Gorens drove the bus and children away from the scene after being informed that 911 had been called. Several students sustained minor injuries in the crash, police said.

The ARD program will allow Gorens to have all misdemeanor charges against her dismissed pending the completion of a nine month long probationary term.

During the nine months, Gorens will be under supervision from a probation officer.

At the hearing, Brown ordered Gorens to surrender her Pennsylvania school bus driver's license and stated that Gorens will not be allowed to ever seek employment as a school bus driver in the state.

Brown also explained to Gorens that while the ARD program will cover the 29 misdemeanor charges she faced, she must plead guilty to six summary charges in order to be eligible for the program. Gorens subsequently agreed to the terms and plead guilty to the summary charges.

The traffic violations all carried a fine of $25 each, totaling $150.

The guilty pleas could result in Gorens losing her drivers license based on PennDOT guidelines, Brown said.

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